Sunday, November 2, 2008

election 2008

Although most polls indicate that Obama will win, my stomach will hurt until the last vote is counted. When Florida's outcome changed in 2004, I was in such shock. I am not celebrating Obama's victory until it is a completely done deal.

I've contemplated how I will feel if McCain wins. Part of me wants to cash everything in, sell everything and take off for parts unknown. But I know that I won't, of course. I have too many commitments.

Sam got his first settlement check. I actually tried to talk him into flying to Europe, buying a Eurail pass and staying in youth hostels while he travels throughout the area. I think he should do it. But he wants to buy a car and hang out with his friends and go to school. He is 21 and sure that he will have multiple opportunities to travel.

Speaking of travel, Jane and I have nixed our April trip to Mexico. Instead, we are going to splurge on a yummy spa in a city that will allow some shopping and touristy things. I am very excited!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008