Sunday, January 10, 2010


This little fella showed up in my neighborhood and scampered back and forth in my neighbor's yard, barking hysterically. I finally put my coat on and walked across the street, thinking I would ring their doorbell to let them know that their dog had gotten out of their yard. He was not their dog.

So, I borrowed a leash from them, attached it to the choke collar he was sporting and walked him through the neighborhood, ringing doorbells as I went, trying to figure out who he belonged to. No luck!

I drove to the grocery store, resigned to have him for at least a day or two, and knowing it was possible that he was destroying my house in my absence. I bought dog food, chewies, treats and a toy you hide treats in. I came home and found that he had not chewed anything. He acted like I had been gone for years, as dogs will, and that I was his best friend in the entire world, which I suppose I am at this moment.

He is a very high energy dog and could not lie down next to me on the sofa. Even trying to get him to be still long enough to get a picture of him for the LOST poster was an incredible ordeal. I finally dragged out an old comforter and spread it on the other sofa. I patted that sofa and he jumped up, but still couldn't settle down. So up and down and up and down he went. I got one of his chew toys and put it up there. He took it and hid it in the dining room. I went and got it and put it back on the sofa and got the same result. But finally, after I stopped paying attention, he did settle down. I looked over and he was passed out.

All of this time, my poor cat, Joe, was esconced in the master bedroom suite. I had to put his litter box and food in there because I know dogs will eat cat poop. Periodically, I would go in and spend a few minutes with Joe, each time finding him stiff with fear. I hope he relaxes soon.

Last night, I left the little dog in the living room and went to bed. I expected howling and scratching, but he was quiet throughout the night. And no accidents! This morning I heard one loud bark. I got up and he greeted me like a long lost friend, dancing around and jumping up in the air. I took him outside and he did his business quickly and was ready to come back in. And right now, he is beside me on my sofa, snoozing.

Around his neck, along with the choke chain, is a jaunty green scarf. I don't care for that scarf. But I am leaving it on him. Because taking it off says I am keeping him. But I will admit that I have been calling him a name - Scamp. That is a dangerous sign, I know!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

biscuit and gracie

On the table next to her, piles of assorted mail leaned in precarious angles, threatening to come down like a demolition project at the slightest provocation. Already on the floor were one or two envelopes that had slipped free from the melee and were waiting to be accidentally kicked under the sofa where they would stay until such a time as the occupant moved to new digs. People don't live like this, she thought, but immediately cleared that thought from her head. Becoming friends with Gracie Lawn would require her to suspend her own reality.