Sunday, August 2, 2009

While I was in the car driving to Georgia on Thursday, I received a phone call from our Office Manager telling me that they were under a tornado watch. It turns out a tornado had touched down just a couple of miles from the campus. They had the students in the hallway and were keeping them there until they sounded the all clear. Here is a video showing the tornado damage to the nearby Kohl's and other stores:

I was in the mountains by the time she called. Right after we hung up, I called the home office and let the receptionist know that the school would have their night phone on while they had the students in the halls. My phone had been turning itself off periodically and it did it just after I spoke with the home office. Every time it turns itself off, it automatically reloads all of its programs, which takes about ten minutes. It is incredibly annoying. It had done this so many times that my battery died. So I couldn't check on the school again until after I arrived in Atlanta.

It was really hard not to know what was going on at my school!!! But the management staff handled everything with perfect professionalism, as usual.