Saturday, January 4, 2014

the water is waiting for you

Hey now, in the mornin time. Heads up, hear the sounds of the birds. Walk down the road towards the smell of smoke. Hear the crying of the angels above.

Take a left and you'll see it there. No joke, that's the real deal now. Why are you so surprised to see ... that the end of the road brings a spring to your step.

Walk .. down. Walk .. down. The water is waiting for you. Walk .. down.

Put your toe in the water there. Go ahead, if you dare. Salvation's waiting for you to be brave. Cry out your misery, let go your shame.

Fold your arms and lean on back. Tell the preacher man you want to go in. Close your eyes and trust in his lead. You're about to be born again.

Wash .. out. Wash .. out. The water is waiting for you. Wash .. out.

Hold your breath as you go below. Feel your hair floating all around. Through a tunnel you hear the preacher's voice. Then you're up and you breathe it in.

Sister's hand pulls you up and out. Stand by the fire with a blanket around. Glance up and see the boy that you once kissed. He's wet too and he shares your grin.

Steam .. rise. Steam .. rise. The water is waiting for you. Steam .. rise.

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