Monday, July 3, 2017

day of noodle

Hisashi strolled through Takashimaya Yokohama looking at various sale items. He was early, so he looked over the flower selection, making a mental note to pick up roses on his way out. Maiko would be surprised and pleased.

He turned the corner and spotted Ginza Tenichi where he was meeting Ottokar, the German architect working on final changes to his company's new building. Hisashi had been assigned to entertain him until he completed the project. The bartender approached him as soon as he sat on his stool. "Your best daiginjo, two cups, and keep it coming."

Later, he would think back to this moment and realize that he had killed Otto before the man ever walked into the bar. But in the moment, as he scrolled through text messages from girls who wanted to own him, he was oblivious and resigned to another tedious night of entertaining the boy genius from Dusseldorf.

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