Sunday, July 13, 2008

cool again

Air conditioning is a wonderful invention - especially in July - in Phoenix - and is most appreciated shortly after it begins working again - after a night spent sweating while a giant fan blew warm air directly at my not-quite-sleeping miserable body. I think it is safe to say that I am incredibly spoiled and will not survive in any post-apocalypse life that does not include air conditioning, massages, nail salons, Ben & Jerry's ice cream and Princess cruises. (Someone would just need to shoot me right after the mushroom cloud dissipated.) That is more of a good reason to vote DEMOCRATIC!!! :-)


Anonymous said...

Hey - it's Holly - Only you could find a way of turning a conversation concerning getting your AC fixed into a political cry to "vote democrat"! Oh, Brother!! That just goes to show you that there are entirely too many bees buzzing around in that little bonnet of yours, Missy!!

OyaSophia said...

It wouldn't surprise me if George W wanted to nuke Iran to make sure they can't use nuclear weapons.