Wednesday, July 30, 2008

three days in

I'm three days into my new job and I am loving it. The managers at the school are just great. I am so blessed to be with them and hope they will come to feel the same about me!

We had no hot water yesterday morning or this morning. It is so easy to take these little luxuries for granted - until they are gone. It was fixed today. I'm sure I will REALLY enjoy my bath tonight. Then I will probably forget again.

Joe is doing so much better. He actually owns the house now - even goes upstairs to visit with Sam. I have to get him a new scratching post though. He destroyed the one he had in Phoenix so I threw it away. Tonight I caught him scratching my sofa. BAD KITTY!!!

I'm reading The Piano Tuner by Daniel Mason. What a wonderful novel. That is what I am off to do right now!

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