Tuesday, February 9, 2010

more snow - get it?

It is snowing lightly this morning. County schools are closed. City schools are open. I'm told the city school superintendent is from Massachusetts and "doesn't get" Memphis weather. I've lived all over this country and this is a common theme. Outsiders don't "get" some local fact that ought to affect them and doesn't. When I really push my staff to try to make a bigger impact on the lives of our students, at least one manager or Instructor will tell me that I don't "get" the Memphis native, that I just don't understand the limitations they are facing. This has no impact on my thinking, other than to say, "If you are maintaining that you are more of an expert than I about the Memphis native, then it is up to you to figure out how to have the needed impact. Let me know what you figure out! I am still holding you accountable for the results!"

But back to the snow! So, I have phoned in a delayed start this morning. The campus will open at 10 a.m., for now. I'm concerned that the temperatures will be dropping and that moisture on the roads may refreeze. So I will be watching things very closely. The last time I opened late, then closed early, there were folks who said that I should have been closed all day. It seems that second-guessing is something that just comes naturally to some folks! No doubt these are the same people who will never find themselves in the position to make decisions like this. So, they don't "get" what it's like. Now that's rich!


Pdawg said...

"...I'm still holding you accounable for the results."

Amen sister!

These words ring true in so many applications- especially government.

I like it.

Sarah Lindahl said...

Are you a teacher? Principle?

OyaSophia said...

I am the president of a small career college.