Tuesday, April 20, 2010


(You have to say those words really fast and with a nice rhythm. It's kind of a song. It means, "There is no point in getting worried about it. Just let it go." It can also mean, "Whatever!")

She came home from work and was immediately hit in the nose with an odor that she could not identify. So she walked through the house sniffing, first in the laundry room (did she leave some damp clothes in the washer too long), then in the kitchen (was something left out on the counter), then in the bedroom (did the cat pee on the pile of dirty clothes) and finally in the bathroom (had the dirty towels in the hamper finally ripened to a funky smellfest). Nothing jumped out and identified itself.

She heard the faint sound of the Isley Brothers. She dug her cell phone out of her purse and flipped it open. Before she could give a greeting, her Mother started talking.

"Dear Girl, I have been trying so long to reach you, but you simply will not answer the phone! Your sister told me that you were having trouble at work and I told her that people never appreciate when they have someone who is committed and always attempts to go beyond the call of duty."

"Mom, I am not having trouble at work."

"Nonsense, your sister already told me. I am coming to take you to lunch tomorrow and you must tell me all about it."

"Mother, there are no problems at work right now, Everything is fine! But there is a problem here at home."


"Yes. There is a terrible smell in my apartment and I can not figure out where it's coming from."

"Choo-nally-picky-picky-simba-folly-bum, darling."

"That is easy for you to say, Mother. You aren't smelling it right now!"

Her Mother did not respond. "Hello?" There was nobody there. This could mean only one thing. She was on her way right now.


Why did she say anything? Now she would have to stand by while her mother searched the entire apartment to try to find the smell. And before she left, her mother would extract a promise from her to attend some event, the sole purpose of which would be to introduce her to an eligible doctor or lawyer or some other similarly "suitable" man, when in fact she would actually be more attracted to one of the waiters! Bother!!!


mya said...


It took me about as long to type it as say it.

Whatever...excuse me, I mean, choo-nally-picky-picky-simba-folly-bum.

OyaSophia said...

I'm not exactly sure why this popped into my head. My brain has been inventing things lately that don't necessarily make sense. LOL Anyway, thanks for reading - and commenting!