Tuesday, March 31, 2015

book addict

I have just this moment narrowly escaped the clutches of Goodreads.com. It is an absolutely wonderful website that allows you to share what you've read, what you're reading right now and what you want to read in the future. You can also look at those lists for any friends with whom you are connected. It also gives recommendations based on the information you provide.

How I got sucked in was it started giving recommendations for books I found I had already read. I felt I had to go ahead and indicate that I HAD read them, whereupon the site asked me for a rating and a review. This became an endless cycle because, let's face it, I have read thousands of books in my lifetime. I've probably forgotten more books than I can remember. I know this because a title would pop up as a recommendation and it would sound familiar. I would open it up and read the short description and confirm that yes, I had read it. I don't remember it though.

Cue my friends who say, read it again! Well, if I already read it and I don't even remember it, why would I want to read it again?

I'm not sure I should go back to this website again. It is delicious, but it delivers waaaaaaay more than I can possibly take. Oh, who am I kidding. I'll be back. I don't want to miss out on a recommendation that might lead to something amazing.

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