Tuesday, March 17, 2015


I wish I could be more dog
     more on my back in the grass, sun warming my belly
     more determined buzzing insect hunter
     more devoted to another
     more rolling, jumping and twisting
     more soulful, searching eyes
     more waiting for further information
     more chasing rabbits while I sleep
     more absolute passion towards every morsel I consume
     more standing by, no matter how long it takes
     more unrestrained joy when I see the one I adore
     more sharp curiosity about new faces
     more determination to fight a threat, even before it's fully identified
     more pulling on my leash to see what's around the corner
     more diving in with glee
I wish I could be more dog


dragyonfly said...

I am so glad to see you are still writing. I like this alot, about being more dog. Its the truth. Dogs are like angels put on the earth to help us and watch over us. I haven't written in awhile. I am in a slump of monumental proportions. Everything I attempt starts ok, then murmurs to nothing. Perhaps soon the muse will come back.
But this, this is nice. I have recently rescued two dogs which are entirely too much dog. They both are like you described. Just the joy of living is in their every breath.

OyaSophia said...

You know, I go through phases. My goal for 2014 was very simple. Post more often than I did in 2013. Not a huge goal, but it was one I thought I could manage. And I did. Goal for 2015 - post more often than I did in 2014. I can handle that.

Also, I think it's okay to post parts of things. It gets you moving. After all, this is clearly an exercise for ourselves more than it is meant for other eyes. Looking at it that way makes me less concerned about what any readers might think.

At any rate, play with your dogs. Run, roll, laugh and seize the day. That will wake up your spirit!

Thanks for your comment. It came at exactly the right moment!