Saturday, April 18, 2015


Three sisters. We share the same parents. But we each occupy very unique spaces and have different stories to tell. First, there is my "twin" sister. She's actually 10 months older. But for a few weeks each year, we're the same age, so we call each other "twin". Here we are:

Words and phrases I would use to describe this sister: Tender. Generous of spirit. Tenacious when arguing facts. Easily wounded when attacked on a personal level. Brilliant mind. Singer. Loving. Loyal. Geek. Strives to do the right thing. Cat collector. Muser. Voracious reader. Surprising sense of humor, when she is in the mood! Introvert. Creative problem solver. Justice seeker. Trivia aficionado, though she doesn't always realize something is trivia and is surprised that others don't know! Math brain, but a lover of words --- and Ramen.

My other sister is 8 years older. She left for college when I was not yet 10. We've had a relationship by telephone since then, seeing each other very rarely. Here we are:

Words and phrases I would use to describe this sister: Musical. Rule follower. Natural leader, though she often lets others lead. Nurturing. Brilliant. Witty. Quick. Cozy reader. Has an eye for color like nobody else I know. Survivor. RVer. Sees things, but doesn't feel the need to always say things. Introvert who fakes extroversion quite well. Can capture an idea in very few words. Private. High standards. Delicious laugh.

I love my sisters, but I love them each in a different way.

My "twin" is my lifeline. She is often the very first person I call when I am unable to decide something important. She is a great comfort to me. I know that she will always be honest and straight with me, with her eye on being authentic and gentle in helping me discover my truth. She is my champion. She is my comfort and my refuge.

My older sister has often been someone who seemed out of reach - not in a personal sense, but in the sense that I could never quite measure up. She is a gifted woman with amazing talent. I always looked up to her as someone whose achievements and life choices were beyond my capability. I secretly idolized her, though she probably never realized it. But I was looking at her from a distance. Only within the last year have we really begun to see each other clearly. She has a wonderful soul. And I love laughing with her.

Would I be the same person without these sisters? I don't think so. They are each precious to me. And I am grateful for their presence in my life. Given our genetic history, we should have many years ahead in which to love and laugh together. I hope so!

{My sweetheart read this and asked me, "What about your brother?" This is about SISTERS. I'll devote a separate chapter to my beloved brother.}


jonesnori said...

Not sure why I've never commented on this. It's beautiful. I am so grateful for you, sometimes twin. I'm grateful for both of my sisters.

Catherine Jones McClarin said...

I love you, too!