Wednesday, April 15, 2015

x is for eXcuse me

A is for Actually, I wasn't even talking to you.
B is for Bite me.
C is for Can you shut up for just ONE MINUTE???
D is for Don't push me, you mouth-breathing idiot.
E is for Every time I have an original idea, you somehow claim ownership!
F is for For God's sake, spare us your melodrama.
G is for Get over it.
H is for Holy Mother of God - what is your problem?
I is for I can not BELIEVE you are bringing that up AGAIN.
J is for Just give me a minute while I try to find words you will actually understand.
K is for Kiss my --- never mind.
L is for Leave the discussion to people who actually know something about this topic.
M is for Make me!
N is for No, I will not.
O is for Oh, HELL no.
P is for Promises, promises.
Q is for Quit assuming that you are the authority on every subject known to humankind!
R is for Research this issue and come back when you know something.
S is for Stop trying to scare everyone with your fake statistics!
T is for Take your assumptions and go jump in the lake.
U is for Until you provide documentation, I'll choose to believe you made that up.
V is for Vilifying what you do not understand simply makes you sound stupid.
W is for What the HECK are you trying to suggest?
X is for eXcuse me, but you are repeating yourself again.
Y is for Yelling does not make your point any more articulate.
Z is for Zip it!

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