Sunday, August 10, 2008


Let us count the ways in which we can avoid unpacking boxes:
  1. Join Facebook. (Thanks a LOT, Lenore!!!) Spend hours searching for old friends. Chat with old friends I find. Review applications. Search for items in the Scavenger Hunt application, etc.
  2. Review the contents of each cookbook I unpack. Think about which recipes go together. Imagine reaction of guests to each finished dish. Remember doing this before when I first acquired each cookbook. Realize (again) that I have never made a single recipe out of that particular cookbook. Move on to next cookbook. Repeat. For hours.
  3. Dance to music which is playing on speakers in every room from the stereo that is wired into the house. Cool! Happy feet!
  4. Go get manicure and pedicure. Decide upon returning that I should read a while to let polish "set" rather than take a chance that opening a box may smudge polish.
  5. Play World of Warcraft.
  6. Read latest issue of Vanity Fair.
  7. Do web search (again) of Mexican Riviera cruise planned for April 2009. Look at shore excursions (again) and imagine us on each one. Think about clothing I need to shop for.
  8. Blog.
  9. Read favorite blogs.
  10. Search for random blogs. Find blog by young man journaling his experience in the Peace Corps. Read entire blog. Send message of support.
  11. Call friends/family to chat about various subjects.
  12. Take a nap.
  13. Wake up. Look at boxes on floor next to bed and wonder what is in them. Decide to have snack before checking boxes.
  14. Get bag of chips. Might as well check Facebook to see if any new friends have appeared. Hey! More friends! Better read their pages and send messages right away.
  15. Etc.

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