Friday, November 27, 2009


As I was leaving my master bathroom, I resolved to return with cleaning supplies and get at least that one chore done today. But, I spotted the pile of dirty towels and decided to throw them in the washer first. But going in the laundry room would mean seeing the kitty litter box. I resolved to change the litter box first. I remembered that the new kitty litter boxes were in a box by the front door. I use the disposable kind made out of corrugated cardboard. When I got to the box, I saw that I had put some little ornament boxes on top of the box holding the litter boxes. I decided to put them away in the drawer of the sofa table where the other ornament boxes are. When I opened the drawer to put them in, I found a bunch of spare change that Sam must have left behind. I picked them all up and went to put them in my purse. My purse was a mess, so I sat down on my bed to clean it out. When I went to straighten out the covers, I remembered that I wanted to wash my sheets, so I decided to strip the bed. As I was stripping the bed, I tripped over a little pile of catalogs and magazines that had accumulated on the floor by my bed. Disgusted, I went in the kitchen to get a garbage bag. When I got to the kitchen, I saw that the dishwasher had completed its last cycle, so I decided to put the dishes away. As I put the dishes away, I spotted the poppy seed bread on the countertop. I popped the container open and dropped two pieces into the toaster. A cup of coffee would go great with that, so I started the coffee. Now I am sitting back on the sofa, having enjoyed the bread and still drinking the coffee, back on the computer again. Sigh.


jonesnori said...

I just read that out to Sandy, Alicia, Tony and John, to much laughter and telling of similar stories. Well written!

OyaSophia said...

I attribute this to a three-fold problem:

1. ADD - I believe I have always had a mild case of ADD, but was never diagnosed because I was functional.
2. Age - As I get older, my ability to remember what I meant to do in the first place has begun to fade.
3. Avoidance Technology - I have a master level certification in avoiding crap I really don't want to do. I still haven't cleaned the bathroom, changed the litter, changed the sheets, etc. I am really good at being really bad!!!

jonesnori said...

Yeah. I'm really good at walking by something that needs to be done, saying mentally "I'll do it later". I can do this for months.

immersion said...

Watching cooking shows and idling time, I ran across your blog and am now smitten!

OyaSophia said...

You made my heart do a little jump when I read the word "smitten". Flattery will get your everywhere! Seriously, thanks. I jumped over and read some of your musings. We appear to have a similar style, though I think you are the better of us.