Saturday, November 21, 2009


Did you know ...

That there is a Thanksgiving holiday celebrated on October 25th each year in Grenada? It celebrates the anniversary of the 1983 invasion by American troops following the murder of their Prime Minister. Operation Urgent Fury made other countries furious because it was seen as an example of American imperialism. America did not have the backing of the U.N. or the support of most of the world leaders. Ronald Reagan just made his move and asked forgiveness after the fact. I find it fascinating that the country that joined America in this invasion was Jamaica. Hmmm - I am trying to picture the battle field.

I visited Grenada about three years ago. The cruise ship I was on - The Golden Princess - pulled right up to the dock and we walked off the ship. We got on a little transport bus and went off on a shore excursion. We visited an old family owned estate that makes rum, a historic spice plantation, then traveled to a beautiful family-owned restaurant where we sat out on a beautiful wrap-around porch and enjoyed a buffet lunch and rum punch.

You can rent a villa on Grenada for a very reasonable price. It comes with a staff who will shop, cook and clean for you. For about the same price as you would spend for 5 days at Disney, you can spend a week on the lovely island of Grenada.

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