Thursday, November 19, 2009

top ten stupid things he has said

Subtitle: When You Should Walk Away --- FAST

10. Can we do lunch instead? I get up really early in the morning.

9. I turn my phone off when I get home because I really need my rest.

8. I left my wallet in my desk at work. Can you cover this and I'll get it next time?

7. Hey, I just noticed that you called a while ago. My phone is screwed up.

6. You don't want to meet my friends. They're a pain in the butt.

5. My house/apartment is being painted/fumigated, so we can't go there. How about your place?

4. I can't stay over. I need to go let the dog out.

3. You don't want to meet my family. They're really dysfunctional.

2. I live with her, but we aren't in a relationship. I actually sleep on the sofa.

And the Number One Stupid Thing He Has Said:

1. I can't accept your Facebook friend request today because I am really busy. But I'm taking a day off from work next week. Maybe I can get out there then.


I know ... WOW, right? This is a compilation after several conversations with friends. But the number one is my own. I am STILL laughing about it days after he said it to me.


Pdawg said...

Yeah. Men are no damn good.

Anonymous said...

Said to me by my boyfriend, "Let's take both vehicles to the restaurant because I have another date after you and I don't want to be late."

The nerve. He actually said that.


OyaSophia said...

Bill, you are the exception that proves the rule!

OyaSophia said...

Maureen, maybe we could work out a "throw mama from the train" deal!!!

jonesnori said...

Say what?!?

OyaSophia said...

Yes, Lenore, you have missed out by being happily married to a wonderful man!!!