Monday, May 19, 2008

108 degrees

108 degrees today. And it is still May. I keep telling myself that it is worth it to be hot from May through August/September because October through April are so incredibly beautiful, right? When the rest of my family is shoveling snow in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Colorado, I am outside grilling steaks (oh all right, hot dogs) in my tank top and shorts (me, that is, not the hot dogs -- or steaks). And Christmas dinner out on the patio is an amazing experience. I love it!

But my goodness it is HOT! I want to be naked when it is this hot. Tonight I was wearing a skirt from Horny Toad and a little tee-shirt when I went out to a local restaurant. Despite the air conditioning, which the vast majority of restaurants in Phoenix have, my thighs were sticking to the seats. So I guess naked would not have been better in that setting - particularly for the other customers. Well, maybe that one guy would have appreciated it. You know the type - always hoping for a glimpse. Or is that all guys?

This cholla is hot. This is not my backyard, but I do have lots of cacti in my yard. Amazing how much life there is in the desert. When I first moved here in 2002, I was under the mistaken impression that grass grew here - the green kind you find in yards on the east coast. That's because I lived in Scottsdale, on the east side of the Phoenix valley, where people pay incredible amounts of money to water grass that really does not belong in the desert. Now I live in Peoria, on the west side of the Phoenix valley. Here most folks xeriscape their yards. Most of the plants in my yard would flourish without any watering. And there is always something blooming! Am I blooming? Maybe. Are you?

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Archie said...

i meant to reply to the comment you left on my post (entering the world of blog). and i did! but i unknowing ly put the comment on my own blog. i just discovered it today. (haha, that's another thing i discovered - how to leave comments on the right blog).

here's my reply to your comment, pardon for the oversight:

so surprised i was when there was this numeral one right beside where it said comment. i thought "Did i do that?"

i went and checked out your profile and read your blogs before i replied to your comment... and im feeling might small now. WoW! you call that starting? you write beautifully. i enjoyed the things that you wrote about.

this would yet be another thing i learned about blogging and i really appreciate you taking time to leave a comment for me.

May 20, 2008 5:25 AM