Tuesday, May 20, 2008


When we were 25, we sealed a permanent friendship based on unique humor and the ability to see the ridiculous in even the most serious of issues. As we approach 50, we still celebrate the strong bond that has seen us through the lowest of lows (Hurricane Hugo, divorce, challenging family dynamics, children in flux) and the highest of highs (graduations, baby births, buying new homes, children surviving tough times). And now we come together over the telephone, 1893 miles between us, to enjoy an entry in a catalog.

It's not so much the item in the catalog that leaves us screaming with laughter. It is the description: "Step Out in an Eye-Catching Pleated Cotton Muumuu". And this follow-up description: "Muumuu fans will fall in love with our more sophisticated pleated muumuu."

Just the word "muumuu" is enough to make me roll on the floor. But the thought of leaving the house in this thing is just scary. (My sincere apology to any readers who are currently wearing this frock - or one similar to it - especially if you just got home from the mall. This item also comes in red, by the way.)

Here's to you, Holly! I've got to sign off - I'm going to step out now!

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