Tuesday, April 14, 2009

dateline: grand cayman island

Yesterday was quiet reading and resting in the Sanctuary. In the late afternoon, Mother napped and I was left to my own devices for a while. I went to the cha-cha lessons, which was fun. Then I played a special bingo game. The prize was a 7 day cruise to the Caribbean or the Mexican Riviera for two people. I was within one number on two of my three cards when someone else shouted "Bingo!". Rats!!!

After that I returned to the room and we dressed for dinner. For dinner I had a duck appetizer, followed by cream of asparagus soup followed by beef. Dessert was a chocolate-hazelnut souffle with a vanilla sauce. Delightful.

We did not go see any shows last night. Instead we watched two movies - some movie about young people gambling in Las Vegas. It was just okay. Then we caught the tail end of the new Indiana Jones movie, which was predictable, but serviceable.

This morning we were scheduled to go ashore to visit Hell in order to mail postcards, but neither of us is feeling it, so we will probably just go back to the Sanctuary. Honestly, I could happily spend the entire cruise sitting on that lounge chair! Besides, I have already toured Grand Cayman, been swimming with the stingrays and visited the turtle farm and Hell. What a jaded traveler!!! I'm just happy to be away and relishing time to do absolutely nothing.

Tonight is the Chef's Table. My father would love to experience this! First, you go into the kitchen for a tour of the entire galley. (I can't wait to see that!) Then you sit at a special table in the galley whilst the Head Chef prepares a series of hor'dourves before your eyes, each accompanied by wine. Then you parade back to the dining room to a very special table that is (I've read) elaborately set. Then comes course after course of very fine food, each paired with a different wine, all meticulously prepared by the Head Chef (though who can tell - now we are no longer watching). Then a dessert with a dessert wine. Then a photo of everyone at the table and a copy of that night's menu and a copy of the ship's cookbook signed by the Head Chef. I can't wait!!! I will write tomorrow with the details of the meal. Stand by!!!

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bill crummett said...

Ah, what a nice escape. Keep it up dollface!

ps where's our peekshures hmmm?