Sunday, April 12, 2009

dateline: somewhere in the middle of the ocean

Mother and I were driven over to Port Everglades by Eric, the same driver that recommended The Rustic Inn last night. As we arrived at the port, we could see several ships, but none was the Ruby. Then we made a few turns and there she was in front of us. So beautiful!!!

We stood on line for less than two minutes and were in the building and ready to go through security. I breezed through, then waited FOREVER for Mother to make it through. First she had to remove her silver bracelets. Then there was an inquiry into her cane. She looked like she was dancing with the security crew, going back and forth through the metal detector. It was kind of funny. She finally made it through and we made our way into the building. There was nobody in line for the Lido deck, so we were on the ship in ten minutes. Easy!

I was expecting to be wowed by the piazza after everything that I read, but it was really nothing more exciting than any other Princess ship I had entered. We found our way to the cabin. It was smallish, but with the balcony it appeared larger. Of course I was spoiled because Jane & I had a mini-suite on the Tahitian Princess. But it was still nice.

I immediately called the dining line and requested to be added to the list for the Chef's Table. Then we went up to the Sanctuary to reserve our space for the week. Then I stopped by the spa to confirm my spa appointments.

After that, we went back to the room and waited for the muster. It went off without a hitch and we were back to the room. I went out in search of alcoholic beverages and brought Mother a gin and tonic and a pina colada for me. We sat on the balcony and enjoyed the sailaway with all of the folks on shore blowing their horns and the Ruby answering back. The people who live in the highrise apartments love to "compete" with the ship in the horn blowing contest as the ship heads out to sea. I found a picture of the buildings (at left), but that is not the Ruby Princess in the photo. And I believe that ship is headed in to port, not out to sea. But you get the picture.

Then we were off to the Da Vinci dining room for anytime dining. We joined a table for eight. One couple was from North Carolina, another from Alabama and then a mother and daughter from Canada. The mother and daughter were quite interesting people - they race dragon boats!

Mother and I did not catch the show. Instead we returned to the room and went to bed!! (I had a spa appointment the next morning.)

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