Wednesday, December 18, 2013

simple pleasures

Simple Pleasures

Ice cream.
The sound of the ocean as you drift off to sleep.
The first sight of your baby - birthed or adopted - whatever that baby's age might be.
Your perfect sigh as you settle in to your lover's arms.
A novel's plot twist that you didn't anticipate, coupled with rich, complex characters.
The satisfaction that follows exercise.
Finding that you've taken a photograph that pleases you very much.
The first time you hear lyrics to a song that devastates you.
The moment when a pill kicks in that is fighting something - headache, body pain, inability to sleep.
Creme brulee.
Laughing with someone you know well and feel safe with.
Really great sex.
Arriving at your vacation destination.
Reworking a sentence until it is exactly right.
The moment when someone realizes that you've done something very sweet for them.
A view of something spectacular in nature - ocean, mountain, river, valley, babbling brook, waterfall, etc.
Identifying a bird that you didn't previously know.
The sensation of a dog sprawled out in your lap, knowing she adores you.
Mastering something new - a language, a task, a recipe - anything you couldn't do, but now CAN do.
The smell of bread baking in your oven.
The first moment you realize that you are strong enough to weather just about anything.
Standing tall for what is right, even if that makes you unpopular.
Singing along with the radio, even if you don't know all of the words.
Lowering yourself into a wonderful bath.
Looking over a menu at a restaurant you haven't previously visited - even online, before you go.
Opening a present and finding just what you wanted.
Looking at your toes after a pedicure.
Watching a really good movie in the theatre, with Milk Duds and a frozen Coke.
A clean house, especially if someone else cleaned it.
Seeing happiness and success in the life of a former student.

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