Sunday, December 1, 2013

three sisters

Sisters. It took the youngest two sisters 50+ years to figure it out. They had been played against each other by a master of manipulation. What should have been a close, nurturing, loving relationship took on the flavor of artists competing for the grand prize. They learned early on that only one could be the winner. The prize-giver kept both girls on edge, never knowing whether the day - or even the moment - would mean momentary victory or crushing defeat.

The oldest sister had escaped and left the two youngest to fend for themselves. She managed to cross to the other end of the continent - safe - at least for a while. But even from a distance, the master of manipulation kept her vying for the prize.

Maybe individual talents had been developed in response. Maybe the youngest was gregarious and entertaining because she learned early on that this disarmed the master of manipulation. Maybe the oldest developed musical talent and an amazing way with fabrics in an effort to finally gain the elusive prize of permanent approval. Maybe the middle sister developed her brain and her ability to store massive amounts of information in order to impress the master of manipulation. Or maybe they would all three have been this way even if the master of manipulation had not been so. Maybe they would have been the same - only happier.

The master of manipulation still reigns supreme. But the sisters have figured it out. They lost years and years of support and love for one another. But they will claim what is left. They will love each other and care for each other from now until death. It is decided.

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