Tuesday, December 17, 2013


My photography prompt for 12/17/13 is "tree". We're in the middle of December, so it is no surprise that many people posted photos of their Christmas trees. But lots of people went in the same direction that I did, which was to take a photo of a regular tree.

I might have taken a picture of my own Christmas tree if I had one. This is the 5th or 6th year in a row that I didn't put up a tree. I got rid of a fake tree some years ago when I was relocating from one state to another. The tree had seen better days and I figured I would just get a new one at my new destination. But then I didn't. Every Christmas, I vow that I'll buy a new tree in the sales just after the holiday. But then I don't. Even more peculiar, I keep buying ornaments for a tree I don't have!

But back to photography, I'm really drawn to tree bark and the way in which trees are constructed. I'm fascinated by the way the tree functions. In my original picture, I took a photo of a tree trunk that featured peeling bark and all sorts of marks and imperfections. I realize that I have no idea what species this tree is. Maybe I'll go back and figure it out later.

While I was on the same walk, I also saw a palm tree that I found equally interesting. The trunk of the tree showed several places where the fiber of the tree was simply shredding itself and separating from the tree in a very stringy, lacy way. I have no idea why the tree does that, but it makes for an interesting photo.

This brings to mind the wide variety of personalities of humans. We're all scarred and peeling in various ways. But what really sets us apart from one another is how we view others.Too often, I focus on the imperfections that people display. What I should be keenly aware of is that they are there at all. What does this person bring to my life that is important for me to see? Behind their scars, what is there? And more importantly, what do I have to offer them?

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