Monday, May 16, 2016

bullet your entire day

It would happen on my day off.

  • 5:13: Priscilla licks my forehead. I tell her good morning and gather her to me for morning cuddles.
  • 5:13: Jackson hears me say good morning to Priscilla and takes a flying leap from wherever he was and lands with a heavy crash on top of both of us. Having grown accustomed to his physicality, I have shielded us from the assault with one arm & shoulder.
  • 5:14: I scratch Priscilla's belly while I simultaneously rub Jackson's head and hold him back. If I let go, he'll start dashing around the bedroom, which will include several more aerial assaults.
  • 5:17: I get up, turn off the house alarm, make a pit stop, then open the back door to go out with the dogs.
  • 5:20: Back inside, I feed the dogs.
  • 5:21: I start to make coffee. I remember I don't have milk because I never went to the grocery store yesterday. I stop making coffee, resolving to go to McDonald's after the dogs finish their breakfast.
  • 5:22: I remember I have non-dairy creamer. I start coffee again.
  • 5:24: I check my phone for messages. None.
  • 5:25: I check my Facebook on my phone for notifications. There are several. Barbra Streisand has announced tour dates. I wonder if Cody & Chris will want to go. Trump has said more stupid shit. I roll my eyes.
  • 5:31: Coffee in hand, I sit in my recliner and check to see what today's writing prompt is.
  • 5:33: I start typing this list.
  • 6:00: I remember I have leftover cinnamon rolls.
  • 6:08: After nuking the rolls, I settle in to read my current book, The Saturday Big Tent Wedding, number twelve in Alexander McCall Smith's No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series. I'm still in my pajamas.
  • 6:24: Jackson drops one of his toys on the foot stool. I throw it for him a few times. The third time he retrieves it, he crashes into Priscilla, who is stretched out on the foot stool. She grabs his toy to assert herself. A heated tug-of-war begins. I use the opportunity to add this to the bulleted items.
  • 6:29: Back to my book.
  • 6:48: Had a sudden urge to watch the final scene of last night's Game of Thrones in which Daenerys Stormborn (The Unburnt; Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar, and the First Men; Queen of Maureen; Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea; Breaker of Chains; and Mother of Dragons) destroys patriarchy. I watched it three times. How I wish she was running for president!
  • 7:11: Back to the book.
  • 7:33: Some music might be nice. I realize I never managed to transfer my music to my new phone. I spend thirty minutes trying to figure it out. Then I give up in disgust.
  • 8:06: Back to the book.
  • 8:26: I can figure this out. Google various phrases regarding transferring my music.
  • 8:50: Persistence pays off. Now listening to music. Yay! Back to book.
  • 8:53: Music is too distracting. Turn it off. Back to book.
  • 9:07: Tired of reading. Go online to read the news.
  • 9:52: Stomach growling. Grocery store? Not yet. Solitaire Tri Peaks.
  • 10:25: Time to get dressed.
  • 10:40: Meal planning & grocery list.
  • 11:04: Off to the grocery store.
  • 12:24: $120.00 later ... I'm home.
  • 12:25: Carry groceries in & put everything away.
  • 12:51: Break time! Potato chips. Play on computer.
  • 1:29: Cleaning kitchen.
  • 2:16: Laundry started.
  • 2:21: Watching Grace and Frankie on Netflix.
  • 3:11: Open new chlorine tabs and add to floating dispenser in pool.
  • 3:28: Set up hose to add water to pool. Notice temperature is finally perfect.
  • 3:42: Sweep up around pool. Oleanders are in full bloom, dropping flowees galore.
  • 3:53: Head out the door for Lyft rush hour shift.
  • 4:16: First fare - airport run.
  • 5:02: Second fare - Encanto area to Bell Rd.
  • 5:36: Third fare - Local waitress to restaurant.
  • 5:44: Fourth fare - Local parent from work to daycare to home. (Car in shop.)
  • 6:32: Headed home.
  • 7:03: Begin dinner preparation. Salsa chicken.
  • 7: 26: Fold laundry.
  • 7:41: Make up bed.
  • 8:06: Eat!
  • 8:41: Give myself permission to end this log.
  • Whenever: Shower. Read. Bed.

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